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Where to Stay in Corfu? A Brief Guide To Corfu North

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Girls at the Beach in Corfu, Porto Timoni, Afionas.
Porto Timoni Beach, Afionas

Choosing our accommodation in Corfu is almost an adventure if it's the first time we visit the island. The location, the proximity to the beaches, the public transportation, and the available services in the area (restaurants, supermarkets, nightlife...), are some of the details we must check before we make a reservation.

Have a look at our list of the best areas and places to stay in the Corfu North next summer 2023, book them, and share your experience with us!

Corfu North: All You Need To Know

The north of Corfu is one of the most popular areas on the island, as there are several resorts where you will find everything you're looking for to have a great holiday in Corfu: restaurants of all kinds, supermarkets, shopping centers, medical services, outdoor activities, and, of course, accommodation for all budgets.

Nature is just stunning, and places like Canal D'Amour, Cape Drastis, the Diapontia Islands, Logga Beach, and Erimitis Natural Park are worth a visit. Most beaches are safe and organized, and the atmosphere is lively day and night.

Distance from the center of the island and Corfu Town is a disadvantage, though: Corfu Airport is one hour far by car. You can use the public buses KTEL and make the trip in one hour and a half, or take a taxi for no less than 80 euros per route. Private transfers are a very good option for groups or families of 4 people and up.


Located in the North West of Corfu, Sidari is one of the favorite places of British tourists. The beach is big, sandy, and shallow, full of beach bars and taverns where to indulge yourself in a cold beer by the seaside. The village is an attractive resort with British and Greek taverns and restaurants: have some fish & chips, watch a football match and drink a cocktail, or live a Greek Night with moussaka, souvlaki, ouzo, and a lot of dancing!

What to do in Sidari?

Apart from going to the beach, you will also find many things to do and see in Sidari, like

- Visiting the Canal D'Amour,

- Taking a boat ride to Cape Drastis and Peroulades Cliffs,

- Enjoying watersports for all ages.

Where to stay in Sidari?

Sidari has different types of accommodation. Budget hotels on an all-inclusive or half-board basis are very popular, as well as self-catering apartments with a sea view, or small houses in the nearby villages. A few four-star hotels, spas, and resorts have been opened recently.

Roda and Acharavi

Roda and Acharavi are very close, and they are the most popular resorts in the center of Corfu North. Known for its great atmosphere and safe sandy beaches, the area is full of life from May to October. Roda Beach, big and relaxing, is awarded by the Blue Flag, and Acharavi is the biggest one, almost 3 kilometers long and close to Almiros, an almost desert pebble beach surrounded by quiet villas and small hotels.

What to do in Roda and Acharavi?

- Visit the Folklore Museum,

- See the traditional small villages in the area,

- Go horse riding or scuba diving.

Where to stay in Roda and Acharavi?

Most hotels and resorts have a three or four-star category, apart from the family apartments. The new Grecotel Costa Botanica in Acharavi has brought a plus of quality to the area and the whole island, a beachfront resort for all the family.

Arillas, Saint Stefanos (W), Pagoi: the North West of Corfu

Siant George of the Ice Beach, Corfu
Agios Georgios Pagon

The North West of Corfu is one of its best-kept secrets. A once-rural area has turned into the favorite destination of those seeking beautiful sunsets, quiet beaches, and high-class accommodations, despite the windy roads that meander through the olive groves.

A few islets close to the beach, and the imposing view of the Diapontia Islands, together with almost unspoiled natural surroundings, give the area an adventurous and romantic spirit. Agios Stefanos West, Arillas, and Agios Georgios Pagon (Saint George of the Ice) are the main locations in the North West of Corfu.

What to do in Arillas, Pagoi, and Saint Stefanos (W)?

- Take walks along Arillas long sandy beach.

- Rent a boat and visit Porto Timoni,

- Have lunch at one of the excellent beach restaurants.

Where to stay in Arillas, Pagoi, and Saint Stefanos (W)?

The accommodation in this area displays a good number of luxury suites and boutique-spa hotels, but if you do a good search you will find budget apartments and some 2 and 3-star hotels close to the beach, or in the countryside.

The North East Coast of Corfu

Kassiopi, Kalami, and Saint Stefanos (East)

Kassiopi panoramic view, Corfu
Kassiopi, Corfu North East

Overlooked by Mount Pantokrator, here you will find the luxury villa you were aiming for. There also are more affordable places to stay, always with a touch of high class and romance, enhanced by the spectacular views of the landscape and the color of the Ionian Sea among the coves and olive groves.

What to do in Kassiopi, Kalami, and Saint Stefanos East?

- Visit Kassiopi Castle,

- Go hiking Erimiti's Natural Park,

- Have lunch at The White House, one of the Durrells' former homes.

Where to stay in Kassiopi, Kalami, and Saint Stefanos East?

Make your reservation one year in advance if you want to book a cozy apartment at Kassiopi Harbor or Saint Stefanos East. Despite the high prices, luxury villas are also difficult to find with less than 5 months time ahead.

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