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Logas: the Sunset Beach at Peroulades

Updated: Apr 19

No matter where you go or where you stay in Corfu, Logas is one of the beaches you must visit. Located on the northwest corner of the island (36 km from the capital), past the beautiful village of Peroulades, it has one of the most beautiful views you will admire during your holiday and you can't miss it.

2024 UPDATE: It seems that the tides have washed away the beach during last winter's storms. The place itself remains a magic spot, but don't expect to spend too long here since there's no sand downstairs anymore.

Corfu Logas Beach at Peroulades village, amazing sunset
Welcome to Logas, the Sunset Beach. @vivecorfu

Before going to Logas beach

Follow the locals' advice as I did the first time I came here. Before going to Logas Beach you must check the weather forecast, as this small spot lays on an area facing the North and is sometimes affected by the northern winds. Most hotels in Corfu display the weekly weather forecast on their reception board with the temperatures, humidity and wind's direction and speed (Beaufort scale) prediction. In case this number's high (north wind and more than 4Bf), the beach could just disappear under the waves.

This is what makes it magical.

Corfu playa de Logas en el pueblo de Peroulades, maravillosa puesta de sol
Comencemos el camino hacia Logas, una de las playas más bonitas de Corfú. @vivecorfu

How to get to Logas Beach

Drive Northwest until Peroulades. Past the village, you will find a big open area with parking and a restaurant-cafe on its right hand. Just between the building and the parking, you will see a small ramp that turns into concrete stairs after a while. All you have to do is walk down and choose your spot on the seaside, covered with thin golden sand.

Corfu Logas Beach en Peroulades, maravillosa puesta de sol
Playa de Logas vista desde arriba. ¿No es imponente? @vivecorfu

This beach is nestled underneath huge vertical cliffs with vegetation on the top and faces the Ionian Sea, while the Diapontias can be seen from a distance: Othoni, Mathraki and Erikousa are three small islands and the most northwestern lands of Greece and if you have enough time a visit to one of them is worth it.

If you have enough time during your stay in Corfu, it will be worth it visiting at least one of them. Vive Corfu can help you organize your excursion there.

Corfu Logas Beach en Peroulades, maravillosa puesta de sol
Es hora de dar un paseo para disfrutar un baño de barro. @vivecorfu

What can you do in Logas Beach, apart from relaxing? Mud bathing!

On one side of the beach, you will find some sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, but if you take a short walk you will reach a quieter area. Here, many of us love taking a mud bath mixing, as usual, some of the clay stones with seawater and spreading it as a beauty cream all over your skin and hair. This is not the only place in Corfu where you can do it, but one of the best ones!

Sunset at Logas Beach

And finally, if you stay here until dusk, you will be able to admire the fascinating sunset as the sun hides behind the Diapontias. A great moment to relish, relax and enjoy a drink on the sand or at the bar terrace, admiring the magic view from a privileged spot.

Corfu Logas Beach en Peroulades , atardecer inolvidable
Cada atardecer es diferente en Logas Beach. @vivecorfu

I hope you enjoyed the photos and look forward to taking your own in this beautiful place. If you need us to take you there you can also book a private transfer to drive you safely and on time from your accommodation to Logas Sunset Beach. Enjoy!

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