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Let's Beach! Arillas

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Arillas beach, nature, sandy beach in Corfu, naturist beaches Corfu, Greek islands, Ionian Islands.
Arillas beach caressed by the sea waves. @vivecorfu

How to get to Arillas Beach

One of our favourite beaches ever can be found on the northwest coast of the island. You can reach it by car, a one-hour drive, or by public bus, which costs for euro and takes around two hours from Corfu Town KTEL bus station.

Services in Arillas village

Arillas is a place that has a bit of everything: a small resort in a typical village with lively shops, cafes and restaurants (we'll come back later), a long and safe family-friendly sandy beach with sunbeds and easy access, free parking, boat rental, and lifeguard. One kilometre long, it's great for walking and swimming in crystal clear waters. Spectacular views of a small inhabited islet, Gravia, and the Diapontia Islands, are a must, especially during the sunset.

Exploring the area

Let's walk and explore toward the North, where we will find a quiet spot protected by shallow hills covered in vegetation. From the hills, you can reach the seaside walking down small paths, which will lead you to a different beach area. This part of the coast was discovered by the pioneers of naturism during the seventies, and today it still is a quiet, peaceful area where visitors feel free to sunbathe privately with no hassle, and they can even enjoy the local secret: at the seaside the hill rocks turn into clay, which is used by many as natural cosmetics, covering their whole bodies with it and, once it's dried, washing it off in the beautiful emerald sea. They even say that this clay has some special properties, but we just can confirm that, after the treatment, the skin feels smooth as a baby's!

Arillas beach, nature, sandy beach in Corfu, naturist beaches Corfu, Greek islands, Ionian Islands.
A great cocktail at Ammos Beach Bar is a must. @ammos_arillas

Where to eat in Arillas

Since you usually will stay here for the whole day, for sure you will want to have something to eat. From all the different restaurants, Greek fast food, and family taverns, we chose Ammos Drink & Food, where we ordered an amazing homemade beetroot vegan burger with fresh French fries to take away, which we devoured at the naturist area of the beach.

Yoga, massage, and natural therapies are some of the alternative activities you can enjoy there during your stay, in an environment that brings you peace of mind and wellness.

In short, we can say that visiting Arillas is a very beautiful experience that was worth it, not only for a beach day but also for a whole holiday. We're looking forward to your feedback!


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