Chomi, Stellari and Giali beaches: a boat trip to Paradise and the Stars.

Updated: Jan 26

Stelari beach Paleokastritsa Paradise Beach Corfu Holidays
Posing on the boat before reaching Stelari Beach. @vivecorfu

Paleokastritsa: The Greek Capri

Let me take you to Chomi, Stelari and Paradise Beach, some of the most beautiful spots in West Corfu, while we enjoy a great day out at sea in a small motorboat.

Living here doesn’t mean that you have plenty of time to enjoy all the beauties of the island, but on one of those days when, unexpectedly, my partner and I had a break from our duties, we planned to go on a boat trip to the coast of Paleokastritsa area.

This lovely resort, located on the West coast of Corfu and also known as “The Greek Capri”, is one of the most popular places to visit for everyone who comes to the island, due to the natural beauty of the area, full of small coves, surrendered by lush green forests of cypresses, orange trees, lemon trees, and, above all, centenary olive trees, which grow on every hill and rock until the seaside together with bougainvillaeas, roses, geraniums, bellflowers and many other varieties.

Paleokastritsa bay nature Corfu holidays boat tour
Beautiful view of Paleokastritsa from the sea. @vivecorfu

How to get to Paleokastritsa and its secret beaches

The area is very easy to reach, as you can drive from Corfu Town in around 40 minutes, or also use the KTEL - Blue Buses that depart from the Central Station and arrive in Paleokastritsa last stop in less than an hour.

The legend and the myth

Many legends are told by locals and tour guides: Paleokastritsa is said to be the area where Ulysses, the Greek hero, woke up after he shipwrecked during his trip back from Troy War to his kingdom in Ithaka island, escaping from Poseidon’s wrath. Princess Nausicaa, king Alkinoos’ daughter, rescued him from the beach and took him to her palace, which was located in this area. Boatmen know exactly the place where this event took place: inside one of the small caves where their 40-minute tour goes (what a coincidence!) The imposing rock that can be seen in the distance as we look southwest, Kolovri islet, is apparently an actual ship turned into stone, either by Poseidon -if the vessel was Ulysses’, or by the Holy Virgin Mary, who answered the monks’ prayers many years ago when an Algerian pirate ship was approaching the bay. Those monks inhabited the once remote Monastery of the Virgin Mary, watchpoint of the coast and nowadays a tourist magnet for all the ones who want to admire the landscape from above.

Paleokastritsa Corfu boat tour holidays Paradise beach
Crowded Paleokastritsa Bay full of boats and happy vacationers. @vivecorfu

Rent a boat and go!

Aware as we were of the legends and myths, and hoping for Poseidon’s kindness on a shiny sunny summer day, there we went! An amazing emerald-blue sea, incredibly clean and transparent, was awaiting us to sail its summer waves on a small boat. We chose it, paid for the one-day rental, plus the full petrol tank (around 70 euros altogether), and we sailed away, not before having brought with us the supplies for the day: water, some snacks, sunscreen, and hats!