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Arkoudilas: The beach under white cliffs

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

The Asprokavos area

White clay cliffs and forests are the landscape we can find in the south area of Corfu called Asprokavos (White Cape). Almost inhabited, but close to the popular Kavos resort, it still has the remains of an old monastery built on the top of the hills among cypresses, strawberry trees and olive tree forests. Its belfry was used as a watchtower to the defence of the area, and can still be visited nowadays.

Arkoudilas Beach, Kavos Corfu Beach, desert beach, Corfu beaches, summer holidays, swim, sea
Arkoudilas Beach in Asprokavos, relax 100% guaranteed. @vivecorfu

If we walk downhill cautiously we will reach Arkoudilas Beach. Its name in Greek means "bear area" and it refers to a kind of trees that used to be found there, so don't worry about local fauna: all the animals you may see won´t be any bigger than ferrets, hedgehogs, lizards, or Caretta-caretta, Loggerhead sea turtles that usually nest and lay their eggs in this quiet golden sandy beach. Be careful not to step on one of those during the summer!

How to get to Arkoudilas Beach

To reach the place by car, go South toward Kavos and turn right at Paleochori crossroad. Then, past the village, you will find a first beach, Agios Spiridon South, with a café-restaurant and some sunbeds, and driving for about ten more minutes through a concrete road with some boulders, past a small fishing harbour, you will reach your destination. Once there, you just need to walk down and choose your own spot on the deserted sand.

A peaceful place, indeed!

The first time we went there I couldn't believe how quiet, pure and clean it was all around, and I felt I was the first human being to step on that place. In the background, the hypnotic image of Paxos island appears to be watching you from a distance. Gilded sand seemed to melt with tiny pebbles at the seaside, where crystalline waters softly caressed my feet. You can see fearless whitebait swimming around you, and, if you look a bit further, even some flying fish may appear in sight. We had planned to stay overnight, and the view of the sunset lights and the evening shadows was just amazing, not to tell about dusk and the first sun rays shining on the sea surface.

Arkoudilas deserted beach Corfu holidays Paxos Ionian Sea
Paxos Island is watching us!

When you decide to visit Arkoudilas Beach don't forget to bring supplies -bottled water, snacks, shadow, sunscreen...-, as the closest beach bar is a twenty-minute drive far from the place. But it's worth it: here, you will experience freedom and serenity, and you won't need anything else than your umbrella!

Sunset in Arkoudilas Beach

If you're looking for some adventure and don't worry about modern comforts, stay on the beach for a bit longer and let the sunset amaze you. Feel the summer breeze and sleep under the starred sky: it will be an experience you can also add to your checklist.

Arkoudilas Beach, Kavos Corfu Beach, desert beach, Corfu beaches, summer holidays, swim, sea
Morning view of Arkoudilas to the North, and Paxos Island on the background. @vivecorfu


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