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Cruise to the Blue Lagoon and Sivota


Day Cruise to the Blue Lagoon and Sivota

Program for Thursdays and Saturdays only.
Duration from 8 to 11 hours. Only mobile reservations are accepted, no printed tickets.
Optional transfer from all over Corfu (Choose your pick-up point on your reservation). Audio guide (Spanish, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Hungarian, Polish).
The boat has a cafeteria and serves all kinds of drinks, soft drinks, cocktails, snacks, pizzas, hamburgers and sandwiches (not included). There is also a shaded area and toilets.



Description of the Cruise to the Blue Lagoon and Sivota

The Blue Lagoon and Sivota is an excursion dedicated to lovers of nature, the sea and adventure. This cruise is also a relaxing and comfortable trip to the blue coast of the Greek mainland, where you will have the opportunity to explore the deep blue sea and the unique beauties of Nature. 

-Our day will start with a first stop at the historic cave where the Greek submarine «Papanikolis» used to find shelter during its patrols in the Second
World War.
-Then, we will sail to the impressive and remote beach of Bella Vraka, with time for swimming and snorkelling. The boat will be anchored in some rocks and from here you can dive into the crystal clear waters.
-The next and most beautiful stop of the day is the bay of Blue Lagoon, a place to swim and discover the virgin underwater landscape or test your
skills by participating in our champagne diving contest.
-The last stop of the day will be in the picturesque fishing village of Sivota, where you will have approximately 2 hours to walk around the port or the small alleys of the town, visit various cafes and tourist shops or enjoy lunch in one of the taverns that you will find in the area.
- Departure: Port of Corfu: 08.30, Port of Lefkimmi 09.45
- First stop: Cuevas Papanikolis (photos only)
- Second stop, Bella Vraka Beach (1.5hr to swim)
- Third stop, Blue Lagoon (1 hour to swim)
- Fourth stop, Sivota (2 hours of walking, optional food or bathroom)
-Return 16.30 Lefkimmi Port, 18.00 Corfu Town Port.


50€ per adult from Corfu Port.

Children 4-12 years old, 25€

55€ per adult with hotel transfer. Children, 28€

Are you on a group, or would you like to book different tours? Contact us for a special quote!

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