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Exclusive Beach BBQ from Corfu Day Cruise

Corfu Exclusive BBQ Cruise

Exclusive Beach BBQ from Corfu Day Cruise

Discover many more of the Durrells' favourite marine spots in a lovely day tour, sailing all over the East Coast of Corfu and enjoying a barbeque on a beautiful unspoiled beach. 

The boat sails daily from Corfu Town beach until Peristeres Lighthouse, one of the oldest ones in Greece, and goes North along Ipsos, Barbati, Nisaki, Kouloura, Kerasia, and Erimitis Natural Park coast.

Our first stop will be at the Nissaki cave, where you may take a relaxing swim in the clear waters, while we go towards the north-eastern part of Corfu. As we travel on, we will come across other stunning sites, such as Kouloura and the magnificent villa owned by the Anielli family. The Kerassia Tower, which has received some of the most notable visitors, including members of the British Royal family, will also be visible.

We will reach the bay beneath the Erimitis forest by noon, a stunning natural preserve home to 36 different types and subspecies of wild orchids, three protected wetlands, and 82 recorded flora species. At this location, you can take a cooling swim and taste an excellent meal that is cooked at the moment and provided on board.

Then, as we approach Peristeres Lighthouse, you will get the opportunity to see one of Greece's oldest lighthouses. You can make the most of this wonderful excursion by taking a final swim stop on the way back.

Join us for a memorable day of thrilling activities, breathtaking views, unmatched natural beauty, and refreshing swimming.

Price: from 95 euros per person.

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