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My first trip to Corfu

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Fifteen years ago I discovered Corfu almost by chance. Then, the Internet was starting to be an information tool, and I didn't even know what this island would be like. Before my trip, I bought a Lonely Planet book about Greece and the Greek Islands, full of chapters, and with just a few pages about my destination. I and my friend rode the windy roads with excitement and were amazed by the place we had chosen for our holiday from the first moment: fairy tale landscapes, blue emerald beaches with small coves surrendered by forests, food (food!), and locals, were something that made our stay unforgettable.

I not only fell in love with the place but also with someone who has made me very happy since then.

Vive Corfu turned into a personal project, becoming the best way for me to combine professional background and education with a passion for a small place in the world that turned into my home unexpectedly, that I'm passionately attached to and want to share with you.

This blog would like to be a window to all the amazing places that you will see by yourselves when you come here. In the meanwhile, I just hope you enjoy this adventure and decide to join us one day soon.


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