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My Big Greek Wedding in Corfu

Weddings in Corfu are a dream come true!

We all have seen Mamma Mia and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and many of us are dreaming of living one of those experiences.

Get married in Corfu: you will be the main character of the script, and this time the scene will be real.

On a beach, in a tiny church, in a luxury villa... let us give you some ideas and help you organize the most important day of your lives!

Church of Saints Jason and Sosipatras

Would you like to get married in an old Greek church? Corfu has many to choose if you want something more traditional.

Greek couple at their wedding

The ceremony performed at a Greek wedding is beautiful, rich and traditional. This image shows the moment when the couple has been linked with the classic wreaths, united by a ribbon.

Fine dining in a small square restaurant

Some of the best Greek restaurants are hidden in small squares in the Old Town. Their plates have a mixture of tradition and modernity, exquisite ingredients and all the glamour you require in your special day.

Wedding table set

Even the smallest detail is very important on this day, and nothing will be improvised.

Vintage wedding car

On this day, the vehicle is one of the most important -and photographed- details. Why not using a chic vintage car for your transfers?

Oh, what a beautiful place!

Our selected restaurants seem to have been taken from a fairy tale, places you will never forget. From the first impression, till de last moment!

Wedding at a luxury villa

Another option can be organizing your wedding banquet at a luxury villa by the seaside. All the details will be spotless!

Wedding on the beach

You're getting married on an island, so the beach is a must. The best choice for a wedding venue is right here, so many places to choose among that you will want to marry several times!

Wedding bouquet

Fresh flowers are never enough on a wedding. Come and choose the perfect combination with the assistance of our florist.

Wedding cake

Let us know your favorite flavors and ingredients and we will make it true. The most beautiful designs with those toothsome savors you always wanted to enjoy!

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