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Grand Cruise to Paxos, Antipaxos and Blue Lagoon

Grand Cruise Paxos Blue Lagoon.jpg

Visit Paxos, Antipaxos, and the Blue Lagoon in one day and with a small group of 18 people only! 
Sail comfortably to the best spots on a fast cruise ship, perfect for families and groups of friends.

Why book this cruise to Paxos, Antipaxos and the Blue Lagoon?

  • Speed of Traveling. From our departure point, our boat takes a maximum of 25 minutes to Paxos northern point Lakka Port.

  • Direct access to Antipaxos beach. The boat will stop at Vrika Beach dock directly and guests may get off the boat by foot.

  • Family, children-friendly boat.

  • Free water, swimming aids, snorkelling gear and HD pictures for all of our guests.

  • You can bring your own food and drinks on the boat and upon request we can provide a cooler to stow them in.

  • We include free bottles of water, a glass of Prosecco, and chocolate pralines.

Our Paxos/Antipaxos/Blue Lagoon Grand Tour Cruise starts at 09:30 so our guests need to meet us at the Port of Lefkimmi at the latest at 09:00. Our Grand Tour Cruise to Paxos/Antipaxos/Blue Lagoon is eight hours long and the schedule of our cruise is the following:


  • Port of Lefkimmi-Lakka Port (motor through)

  • Paxos Blue Caves (visit and swim 20 min)

  • Vrika Beach Antipaxos (Stay for 2 hours)

  • Gaios Port (Stay for 75 minutes)

  • Blue Lagoon (stay for 45 minutes)

  • Return to Lefkimmi Port at 17:30h.

Price per person: from 80 euros. 

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Are you on a group, or would you like to book different tours? Contact us for a special quote!

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