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Villas and apartments in Paxos Island

Villas and apartments in Paxos Islands can be found in small beaches or villages, surrounded by nature with stunning sea views. Staying at a villa, old house, or apartment will give you freedom and peace of mind to explore the island and forget the rest of the world.

Safety and social distancing are also a must and here you will really find it.

 If you can't see what you're looking for just let us know and we'll revert with more options according to your preferences.

Villa Elia and Villa Petra, Monodendri Beach

Just a 2-minute walk from a beautiful beach, these twin villas emerge from the centuries-old olive groves of the island. Each one of them is a 75 square meters building, fully equipped with comfortable and modern amenities on two floors, with private parking and a swimming pool, overlooking the Ionian Sea, and a terrace. They accommodate up to 5 guests from April 15th to October 30th.

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