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Kassiopi Beach BBQ from Corfu Day Cruise

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Kassiopi Beach BBQ from Corfu Day Cruise

Discover Kassiopi and many more of the Durrells' favorite marine spots in a lovely day tour, sailing all over the East Coast of Corfu and enjoying a barbeque on a beautiful unspoiled beach. 

The boat sails daily from Dassia beach until Kassiopi and goes North along Ipsos, Barbati, Nisaki, Kouloura, Kalami, Ag.Stefanos, Agni, and Kerasia.

On the way to Kassiopi the first stop is Barbaro Bay (beach only accessible by boat), for swimming in the crystal clear waters, sunbathing, fishing, snorkeling, and lunch (BBQ) which is served on the beach together with some drinks and wine.

We will pull the boat up onto the beach and you descend by steps. This allows everyone to get down easily for swimming or relaxing
on the beach.
In Kassiopi, a picturesque village, we will stop for about one hour. There you can go shopping, visit the Byzantine fortress, relax in one of the many cafes or swim from beautiful beaches or just walk around to discover the beauty of this cute place.

From Kassiopi back to Dassia we will make two more stops: one in Limnopoula beach, and the last swim in the caves near Saint Arsenios Chapel.

Once leaving the caves, on the final leg of the journey, we will invite you to have some fresh fruit to cool you off before we say goodbye and thank you for traveling with us.

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